Dance is not about performance, I think of dance as a tool to go deeper than just looking nice and beautiful. It is about feeling life within us, going inside to find our unique rhythm, like a flower, blooming into dance.

"Dance as a manifestation of the soul"

dance with me

Most of the time, the energies within us cannot flow easily due to stress or accumulated tension. Since these energies give us joy, creativity and love for life, it is important to get them flowing naturally.

I believe that through dance and movement, we can touch these places and activate our full potential. We release tension and get in touch with our inner world. We dance to feel the beauty within us, to feel our own bodies, and to transcend our senses. To see and feel beyond.

An energy activation through dance, conscious movement, emotional releasing, breath work and the expansion of personal expression through the body.

move your body, relax your soul

I invite you to a dance journey. Together, we create a safe space to freely express emotions through our bodies’ motions, dancing beyond time and space, to become one with dance.

In my workshops, I combine different types of dance and movement practices such as 5 elements, 5 rhythms, Biodanza, African dance, capoeira, funk, samba and coco.

I will guide you through your body parts, awakening them and opening new spaces inside of you, so your dance can flow.

the space